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Our History



After travelling to Nepal, MGV Director Mike Ross returned with a story that changed his life, his family’s life, and the lives of mothers in Nepal and Guatemala.  Ross startlingly witnessed mothers placing their children in orphanages though these mothers had no intention of giving up their children; in fact, they were doing as best they could to provide for them.  Due to the stark poverty in which these families lived, mothers in Nepal were placing their children in orphanages where they could receive food, clothing, shelter and an education – the necessities that they could not receive at home.

Upon returning to the U.S., Ross shared these stories with his three daughters who are mothers themselves.  Compelled by the stories of the Nepalese mothers, Ross and his family created MGV in 2006 so that mothers living in poverty would have a sustainable way to better their conditions and provide for their children on their own.  After working in Nepal for four years, MGV decided to work closer to home and relocated its efforts to the Western Hemisphere.

Learning about the need that agricultural communities in rural Guatemala face, MGV began to connect with mothers and women’s groups in rural southwestern Guatemala in 2010.  Currently, the organization is partnered with four women’s groups in a variety of business projects that will generate a sustainable income for these mothers that will allow them to better provide for their families.  Find out more about the women’s businesses here.