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What We Believe

Mission: To provide mothers with a dignified means by which they can sustain themselves and better protect, feed, care for and educate their families through helping establish sustainable, locally-owned, small business opportunities that will foster collaboration among women and empower them to become community leaders.

Vision: That mothers would have a sustainable monthly income – one that is earned with dignity and strengthens connections with other women in the community – in order to provide for the needs of their families.

Values: MGV does not have all the answers to solving poverty in the communities where we work.  However, we strive to develop solutions with mothers that can make a significant economic impact on them and their families.  The following values characterize MGV’s actions from the boardroom in the United States to the groups we serve:

Trust – Creating an atmosphere in which people are comfortable sharing their varied perspectives and investing their unique gifts in behalf of others.

Autonomy – Allowing the women’s groups a great deal of autonomy in choosing and managing their projects and encouraging all project stakeholders.

Accountability – Operating with transparency in our practices and the use of funds.

Respect – Respecting the local culture and treating everyone involved with MGV as valued partners.

CollaborationStrengthening connections among women in the communities where we serve.  Building collaborative working relationships with new stakeholders and other organizations. Building greater awareness about the challenges that mothers face in the developing world.

Empowerment – Empowering women to become business owners and leaders in their community.  Encouraging stakeholders toward “hands-on involvement” in our work.