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Your donation will help Mothers’ Global Village assist refugee women and girls.

We are seeking + $20,000 in funding for the following current projects in the Kyangwali UNHCR Refugee Settlement in Western Uganda:

  1. Scholarships to help keep refugee girls in school. (Approximately $300 per student)
  2. Startup funds to launch a tailoring school for refugee women. (Approximately $10,000 for launch and 1st year operation – an additional $9000 desired for commitment to 2nd year of operation)
  3. Capital for micro-credit loans to refugee women. (Approximately $100.00 / loan)
  4. Capital for to launch a cell phone mobile money business for a women’s micro-credit group. Profits are used to make small loans to refugee women, (Approximately $1400)
  5. Funds for leadership development assessments and training materials for senior staff of a refugee organization. (Approximately $1000)
  6. Funds for an inventory expansion loan for a children’s clothing store started by a Ugandan widow supporting 2 small children. (Approximately $1000.00)