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What We Do


The key role that women play in caring for the family, coupled with the oppression suffered by women in Guatemala, provides a niche in which Mothers’ Global Village can make a positive, sustainable impact on the lives of women and their families in the developing world.  The organization allows Guatemalan women to capitalize on their existing skills as they launch small businesses that not only help to generate an income for the women, but also bring needed items to the community.  To achieve the greatest impact – one that positively benefits the women, their families, and their communities in a substantial and sustainable manner – MGV works with women’s groups in order to create an environment of encouragement and accountability.  Through these groups the women are empowered by sharing knowledge and skills, finding support through teamwork, and obtaining ownership of their work and income.

MGV currently supports a women’s group that owns and operates a clothing store in Lupita, Suchitepequez and a women’s artisan group in Panajachel, Solola that makes and sells jewelry both locally in Guatemala and in the United States.  The organization is also collaborating with two additional women’s groups in the department of Solola to identify and create business initiatives that can be self-sufficient and sustaining in their communities.